First Aid Industry Body Recognition in the United Kingdom


The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) Approve, Monitor and Regulate its Training Providers and Trainers/Assessors. Consequently, the First Aid certificates that are issued under FAIB are recognised, acknowledged and accepted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Department for Education (DfE).

The Inspectors within HSE, DfE and OFSTED accept First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) First Aid certificates in exactly the same way as certificates issued by an Awarding Body (under Ofqual/SQA) and certificates issued by the Voluntary Aided Societies.

Due Diligence

FAIB provides Due Diligence on behalf of its Training Providers as agreed by Minister Mark Hoban M.P. on 1st July 2013 so that Employers can be assured of the competence of any FAIB Training Provider or FAIB Trainer/Assessor.

Quality Management System of FAIB (ISO 9001:2015)

The Quality Management system at the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) has achieved ISO 9001 (2015) for the Approval and Monitoring of Training Providers and Trainers/Assessors.

FAIB Recognition by the Health & Safety Executive

The HSE E Bulletin of 8 June 2016 stated “HSE notes that the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) has gained third party certification via a UKAS accredited certification body in the Approval and Monitoring of First Aid Training Providers and First Aid Trainers/Assessors”. “FAIB has been approved compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015”.

Health & Safety Executive Employers Guidance (2018)

HSE Guidance Document (Selecting a First Aid Training Provider-A Guide for Employers-April 2018) says “The (HSE) guidance does not promote, recommend or support any particular route to delivery. It does not comment on the quality of individual training courses or the service provided, nor does it provide an assessment of the quality assurance systems of any provider or class of provider”.

FAIB Recognition with Department for Education (2017)

The Department for Education and consequently OFSTED and its Inspectors accept FAIB Paediatric Qualifications as in the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage (March 2017). Paragraph 3.25 Addendum 30 states “Providers are responsible for identifying and selecting a competent Training Provider to deliver their Paediatric First Aid. Training is available from a range of Training Providers including: “a Training Provider that is a Member of a Trade Body with an Approval and Monitoring Scheme” (including the First Aid Industry Body).