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Teaching Children First Aid

Since 2020 First Aid Training has become an essential part of the national school’s curriculum. Schools must ensure their children are taught First Aid as part of their PHSE lessons.

Why is First Aid a Part of the National Curriculum?

Simply, to teach as many children as possible basic, and more complex, first aid and lifesaving skills.

Extensive research found as many as nine in ten adults lacked the skills and confidence to help in life-threatening first-aid emergencies.

Children are more than capable of helping if they are given the knowledge and experience. Learning First Aid in schools will provide confidence and the willingness to help themselves or others during an emergency.

Junior First Aider Workshops are designed to ensure children are being taught skills that are suitable for their age. Our aim is to teach lifesaving skills in a practical, engaging, and fun way. Children will learn basic things such as how to notify an adult or emergency services, basic CPR, and how to deal with minor cuts and burns.

Workshops are delivered by experienced tutors.

What First Aid Skills can children learn?

Our Workshops are tailored to suit each and every school. Children from 5 years of age learn basic skills such as:

  • Who are our emergency services?
  • How to call 999/112
  • Getting the attention of adults
  • Raising the alarm
  • How to stop and cover simple bleeds and grazes

As the children get older more advanced skills will be taught including:

  • Use of plasters and bandages
  • The Recovery Position
  • CPR with and without rescue breaths
  • Defibrillator training
  • Dealing with Minor Wounds
  • Slings

Junior First Aider Workshops

All workshops are delivered by experienced trainers. The sessions are designed to engage the children through fun and thought-provoking practicals and challenges

The topics we teach can worry some children, it is our job to make sure the lessons are light-hearted and educational.

Our hands-on approach to learning will allow every child to experience what it is like to administer simple First Aid.

We provide all equipment, certificates, and worksheets.

Workshops are most often 1-2 hours, meaning we can deliver to several groups over the course of a day. We will work with you to agree appropriate content and format that best meets the needs of your learners and school.

Dates book quickly, so call us on 07493 782787 to find out more and to reserve a date, or click the button below to send us an email.