What will be taught?

We have an extensive list of workshop themes and content, all of which is split into Key Stages of learning. WE MAKE SURE THE CONTENT OF EACH WORKSHOP IS APPROPRIATE TO THE AGE OF THE LEARNER! For example, Key Stage 1 learn about basic first aid, key Stage 2 are provided with progressive themes and content and this continues through Key Stages 3-5. Our interactive curriculum ensures learners are challenged in a positive way providing amazing life skills for our “First Aid Superheroes”

Who are the workshops for?

Our bespoke school programme is designed to suit all ages and abilities. Experienced tutors deliver the programme in a clear and informative way from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 5.

How do we teach?

Our hands-on approach means young learners can work with their friends in a relaxed, interactive and fun environment. Teachers can join in to make a fun-filled experience for all.

What will learners receive?

All participants receive a certificate of attendance which is dependent upon their Key Stage (e.g. Stage 1 First Aid Superhero)

What will schools receive?

A fantastic opportunity to engage young learners in developing life skills that one day may help save a life. By using Junior First Aider the school can pay for whole experience or they can opt to partially pay for the workshops and ask learners to contribute. Alternatively, it could be used as an opportunity to raise funds for the school generally or even for first aid equipment such as a defibrillator.

Call or email for details and to reserve a workshop for your school.